Older Work - Horror Pack

A collection of unreleased horror inspired materials for the Unreal Asset Store.

Kay vriend horror dungeon wall 01

Dungeon wall.

Kay vriend asset

Peeling wallpaper.

Kay vriend horror bricks 01

Basement bricks.

Kay vriend horror boards 01b

Rotten worn wood panelling or floor.

Kay vriend horror concrete wall

Derelict concrete slabs.

Kay vriend asset

Peeling plaster.

Kay vriend asset

Cracked tile floor. Each floor has parameters for blood splatter and pooling, as well as options to colour the blood and add self illumination (looking at you Germany ;) ).

Kay vriend asset

Moist, rotten wood floor with screws.

Kay vriend asset

Vinyl floor.

Kay vriend asset

Rotten wood floor.

Kay vriend asset

Cracked checker tile floor.