Substance Designer Doodles - Gameboy Camera Filter

This filter takes an input and uses it to replicate the result of using a gameboy camera to take a picture. There are 14 palettes to choose from, and options for levels and high pass.

Special thanks to Bruno Alfonseca - for the dither filter on Substance Share. Doing a dither manually would take me too much time, and his work is very solid.

Also thanks to the youtube channel "Wulff Den" For the inspiration.

I will follow this up with a actual Gameboy substance once i have the time ;)

Kay vriend render

Using the "Perceived" palette.

Kay vriend render ii

Using the "Wulff Den" Palette

Kay vriend render iii

Shameless plug for our game Escalation 1985

Kay vriend result 01

Wulff Den palette.

Kay vriend result 02

Default 2-Bit palette.

Kay vriend result 02 alt text

Alt text.

Kay vriend result 02 no text

No text

Kay vriend result 02 high pass

High pass and levels tweaks.

Kay vriend result 03
Kay vriend result 04
Kay vriend result 05

Escalation 1985 palette.

Kay vriend result 06

Custom palette.

Kay vriend input


Kay vriend soon