Normal Scratches Generator Node

In this mini breakdown I walk you through the use of a normal scratches generator node I made. The node itself will be on Substance Share soon.

Kay vriend graph

Graph. The green node is the normal scratches generator. The node takes any input, but grunges or scratches look best.

Kay vriend input

This is the input we are using, just a simple scratches generator.

Kay vriend result

When set to a value of 1 (the range is 0-1 for this node) the scratches are most intense. The node splatters the input around with several different angles in a normalmap.

Kay vriend facing normal used for roughness mask

When using a facing normal with the normal scratches as input, you get this mask which i use for masking roughness values. Doing it this way makes sure scratches are lined up in both the normal and roughness.

Kay vriend without normal scratches

Without the normal scratches applied (value of 0)

Kay vriend value of 025

With a value of 0.25, pretty subtle, but starting to show.

Kay vriend value of 050

At a value of 0.50.

Kay vriend value of 1

At a value of 1. A bit too much most of the time, but neat to have as an option.

Kay vriend galvanised input

Just a default grunge node, but used with the normal scratches generator node you can get a galvanised look with almost no effort.

Kay vriend galvanised example

With a grunge instead of scratches you get this galvanised look. Experimentation almost always pays off ;).

Kay vriend example

Test input - before.

Kay vriend example result

Test input - after. Here you can see what the node does, just splattering the input around, with different angles.

Kay vriend soon

Soon! :D

Kay vriend preview