Substance Designer 6 BETA Work

Some renders of materials made with the Substance Designer 6 BETA. Along with some amazing artists, I was invited to participate in the beta, which was a great experience overall. The new tools we got to play with were the curve and text node, and in my humble opinion they became indispensable the minute I used them. The curve node is a dream to work with, tweaking height maps, roughness values, and making sweet sweet bevels. The text node was very useful and saves me from having to import pre-rendered text for decals, and the ability to tweak and resize is very handy.

Once approved by Allegorithmic these materials will be on Substance Share too.

Kay vriend ruin floor 03


Kay vriend ruin floor 01

Swamp temple floor. Guess I had a Zelda vibe going on :).

Kay vriend beached shells 04


Kay vriend beached shells 03
Kay vriend flooded wood 04


Kay vriend flooded wood 02
Kay vriend sci fi panels 06


Kay vriend sci fi panels 04

Sci-fi Panels, this was a lot of fun to make. Ill put a few more renders of this material in here once I have them.

Kay vriend sci fi panels 05

I like how the insulation turned out.