Sharpen by halo filter Its live! :D

This filter generates halo maps internally for dark and light edge haloes, and uses them to sharpen the inputs. This is a nice tool to help scanned materials "pop" a bit more, and to get a more dynamic roughness map for example.

Assets used to show the filter on are 3d scans from Quixel Megascans.

Based on the implementation by Gerald Bakker and the book Modern Photoshop Color Workflow by Dan Margulis.

Kay vriend asset
Kay vriend before 3


Kay vriend after 3


Kay vriend alt

Basecolour comparison

Kay vriend roughness

Roughness comparison

Kay vriend before 2


Kay vriend after 2


Kay vriend 5 2 5

Low settings

Kay vriend 25 12 5

Moderate settings

Kay vriend overblown


Kay vriend dark halo emphasis

Emphasis on dark haloes

Kay vriend light halo emphasis

Emphasis on light haloes

Kay vriend parameters


Kay vriend tease

Soon on a Substance Share near you!